Friday, November 4, 2011

On my day off....

I had a wonderful day off of work today. Woke up before 7, vacuumed, cleaned dishes, did laundry... you know, all that fun stuff you have to do to keep your house clean. But don't worry, I didn't do chores all day. In fact, I baked bread, made some soup, did some crafts and enjoyed the beautiful Autumn sunshine. And luckily my camera was behaving(it's been sucking down battery life) and I was able to take some pictures. Yay!
Checkerboard Rolls
Before their second rising.
 After they've risen (in a warm oven)
 Fresh out of the oven all golden and delicious.
 In the meantime I made soup. 
Broccoli Potato Soup 
I didn't follow a recipe and it turned out better than the broccoli potato soup I made last week.
The recipe is on my recipe page.
(Tab at the top of the page)
My house smelled so good!
And I was able to craft today!
Here I've got more lanyards laid out.
With the thread I"ll use for each one.
And I've started a baby girl quilt.
Those pictures I'll save for a later date!

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