Friday, May 22, 2009

Do you know what it is?

It's a protein found in our body. It is a cell adhesion molecule. It holds our cells together. It's the glue of the human body. You might wonder my point. Without Laminin our bodies wouldn't function. Likewise without Christ, without God, holding us together we will fall apart. Check out why Laminin is so cool, see what it looks like below:
Check out Louie Giglio's talk on Laminin at:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Under the Weather and a New Job!

So I started a "new" job at a different branch of the library. I consider it "new" because it's a new location, new people and some new responsibilities. And it's full time,,,, never worked a full time job before. I know, crazy right? But I love it. I love what i do and I will probably be with the library forever (even though I want to be a stay at home mom) Don't know how i'm going to manage that. :)

So, with starting a 40 hour a week job last week i was also sick for a week. Nothing to keep me from going to work but just made me want to stay in bed and have no appetite. Enough about that, I need my time to craft!! Night time is when i'm going to have to do it because that's the only free time i have (well that and the weekends). I need my fabric, thread and a sewing machine time like a caffeinaholic needs her afternoon pick-me-up. Lame simile i know but my brain is fried. Later ya'll thanks for reading my ramblings.

"Appreciate the little things in life and don't take them for granted"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo Taking Pics of Purses

So, I've spent the good part of the last two hours taking pictures of the purses that i've made. You know what; it's difficult to get the lighting and position and all that just right! To bad it's not a cloudy day, just might've made it a little easier for me. But i do believe they turned out pretty darn good. :) Now all i have to do is upload them and get them onto my etsy. Oh the world of etsy, so much fun but also so much work. It's hard making a living with my crafts, well i guess that's why I have a "real" job. It also doesn't hurt that my strong handsome **winkwink** husband is the bread winner of the family. You know what, i'd craft even if i didn't sell anything, i love it and i always will. And so, this is my very first entry in my very first blog ever. I feel like it went quite well. So, off to do more crafts!

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