Thursday, December 1, 2011

Autumn Bulletin Board

I cannot believe it's December!! Where has the year gone? (I think I say that every year!) And with the thought of December and snow, it's time to say goodbye to my Autumn bulletin board. Just thought I'd share it with you before I tear it down.
If you look at the horizon closely you can see little kids and animals that I painted.
 The small white sign says: Help us find Wilson the Worm.
Kids love looking for Wilson on the board.
He's on every board I make.
I painted the tree with tempera paint, and used little pieces of magainzine for the red leaves.

 I use these Trick-or-Treaters every year.
For the stained glass windows I used different color paint and a flat brush and dobbed it onto paper. Then cut the paper into the shapes of the windows.

And so, The Great Destruction will happen next week probably.
I'll save some of the stuff for next year.
But most of it won't be saved.
Sometimes that's just how it is.
However, some of my murals have gone to local teachers and libraries.
I'll post pics of more boards someday.
I love my job!!

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