Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby On The Way!

      My husband and I are expecting our very first little one!! After three years of marriage we decided it was time that little feet pitter patter around our house. (And not the pitter patter of our dog's paws!) Oh, what a sweet blessing this little baby will be!
      This Christmas was filled with lots of fun of telling our families that I was pregnant. Everyone was so surprised- we didn't even tell them we were trying! We got a sonogram  image at 6 weeks and we made copies to put into picture frames for our parents and grandparents. (And they thought they were getting family Christmas photos!) We also bought super cute grandparent onesies.
6 weeks 1 Day
     I am so excited to be a mother! God put this desire in me and I can't wait to raise this little one to love God too! He is so amazing! Seriously, A life was created inside of me and I get the honor to keep him or her growing strong!
     Today I'm currently 9 weeks and 5 days. I think I'm doing amazingly well compared to other women I've talked to about being pregnant. I've felt like I've had a constant upset stomach but haven't gotten sick at all! Not too tired, or sore, and no headaches! No real cravings yet, but smells of certain foods bother me. Can't open the fridge b/c then I get a million different smells! 
 This is how I told my coworkers! They are all soo excited!

 "What?? You're pregnant Sweetie?!?"
 "This means I'm going to be a Dad?!?"
     Before we know it!! :D

     I love my husband! He's going to be such a great Dad. He is so much fun and it will be so sweet seeing him love our little baby boy or girl! (10 weeks until we find out!!)

*And thanks to my brother Brett for taking these quick photos! He does awesome work!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Congrats you two! I'm glad i found now since I'll miss out on Monday night at bookclub (business trip). EEEE!!!!


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