Friday, June 14, 2013

Mod Podge Wooden Letters

    For my son's nursery I knew that I somehow wanted to display his name on the wall. I know... everyone is doing this. I've seen a million nurseries with a million different ways of displaying the baby's name. I had to figure out just how I was going to put my own flair on it. And so, I decided to use left over fabric from the baby quilt I made him.
    I thought I'd share just how I did this so you can also make some fun fabric letters.
Step One:
Buy your wooden letters(mine were white), a bottle of acrylic paint, and a jar of mod podge.(I used Satin)
*Choose a paint color to match the decor of the room. I chose brown to keep it neutral.
Paint a couple of layers of paint, allowing to dry between coats.
*You don't need to paint the back.
Touch up as needed until the paint looks even. (No white showing through if you're using white letters. 
If you want to leave your letters natural, or white, you can skip the paint step.

 Step Two:
Choose fabric for each letter. Iron out all the creases.
Place the fabric correct side down on the table. 
Place your letter face down on top of the fabric.
Trace around your letter with a pencil.
Cut out the letter from your fabric.
Get your paint brush and get ready for some mod podging!

Step Three:
Paint a good coat of mod podge on the front of the letter.
Position the fabric on the letter.
Press out bubbles and folds so that it's smooth.
Paint a coat of mod podge on top.
Set aside to dry and move on to the next letter.
Paint a second coat of mod podge over the fabric and the edges of the letters.

Step Four:
Clean up any stray threads from the fabric.
Decide how you want to display your new letters.

For mine I took a long poster picture frame and stretched brown fabric around the cardboard. The fabric is behind the glass. Then on top of the glass I positioned his letters. Using foam tape attach the letters to the glass. (Foam tape is the strongest and best thing to use. We haven't had any fall down in the past 11 months.)

Hope you enjoy making some fun fabric covered letters. :D

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