Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baby Security Blankets with Satin Binding

I love making all sorts of crafts. I'm just the kind of girl that likes to do a little bit of everything. Most of my time the past 5 years has been making a lot of fabric items like quilts, lanyards and blankets.
This is my newest favorite thing to make- baby security blankets.
These are perfect for babies, everything they could want in a little lovie:
Satin Binding
Knit Fabric (Softer than cotton)
Soft Dimple Dot material
I've been going to town making these. They're honestly a lot of fun to make.
My son loves his, he loves the satin binding on it. (I think a lot of babies love satin binding)

You can find these blankets for sale here.


You can find these cute baby blankets for sale on my Etsy site:

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