Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo Taking Pics of Purses

So, I've spent the good part of the last two hours taking pictures of the purses that i've made. You know what; it's difficult to get the lighting and position and all that just right! To bad it's not a cloudy day, just might've made it a little easier for me. But i do believe they turned out pretty darn good. :) Now all i have to do is upload them and get them onto my etsy. Oh the world of etsy, so much fun but also so much work. It's hard making a living with my crafts, well i guess that's why I have a "real" job. It also doesn't hurt that my strong handsome **winkwink** husband is the bread winner of the family. You know what, i'd craft even if i didn't sell anything, i love it and i always will. And so, this is my very first entry in my very first blog ever. I feel like it went quite well. So, off to do more crafts!

Simply Erin

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