Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Under the Weather and a New Job!

So I started a "new" job at a different branch of the library. I consider it "new" because it's a new location, new people and some new responsibilities. And it's full time,,,, never worked a full time job before. I know, crazy right? But I love it. I love what i do and I will probably be with the library forever (even though I want to be a stay at home mom) Don't know how i'm going to manage that. :)

So, with starting a 40 hour a week job last week i was also sick for a week. Nothing to keep me from going to work but just made me want to stay in bed and have no appetite. Enough about that, I need my time to craft!! Night time is when i'm going to have to do it because that's the only free time i have (well that and the weekends). I need my fabric, thread and a sewing machine time like a caffeinaholic needs her afternoon pick-me-up. Lame simile i know but my brain is fried. Later ya'll thanks for reading my ramblings.

"Appreciate the little things in life and don't take them for granted"

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