Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Works in Progress...

Does anyone else leave projects unfinished?
I started this quilt in high shool.
About FIVE years ago!
I want to finish it now, because it will be SO cute!
I'm also making these super cute picture mats.
They're really cute and fun.
Thanks grandma for the mat board cutter. 
 And now there is no more time for crafts...
we're tearing out wall paper...
that was on the CEILING in our kitchen!
It's gotta go, no more flowers.
And now my house is talking to me.
The writing's on the.... bookcase.
Messy, dirty, dusty house.
But it's worth it because my house will be BEAUTIFUL!

"Well if I had one place
Just one place to be
Well, I'd be at Your feet
And if I had one prayer
I know that I'd pray
I'd ask You to fall down on me"
Fall Down by Phillips Craig and Dean

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