Friday, October 14, 2011

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

     This might not seem like the type of book I'd usually read, but it was actually really good!
     I have to admit, I’ve done my fair share of judging books by their covers. My most recent case is a book titled Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. The title, a girl levitating on the cover, and the interesting photographs strewn throughout the book suggest a magical and haunting story being told within its pages. I typically go for the heartwarming, historical  Christian romances, but something about this book had me intrigued. I was going to venture out of my usual genre; I was going to read this disturbing looking book. And what a surprisingly great read it was!
     The story starts with a young boy, Jacob, hearing stories from his grandfather of when he lived at Miss Peregrine’s home during World War II. Even though Jacob sees his grandfather’s photos, he still doesn’t believe what he hears. He doesn’t believe in the girl that could levitate or the invisible boy. Yet with his grandfather’s sudden death and the appearance of a letter, Jacob now wonders if there is truth behind the stories and pictures.
He visits the small island where the peculiar children lived, but is disappointed to find the home vacant and run down. But is it really? What if Miss Peregrine and the children actually still lived there?
     Follow Jacob as he’s taken hostage by one of the children, chased down by the townspeople, and haunted by monsters. (Don’t worry. It’s not that scary, especially if I enjoyed the book.) This is a wonderfully intricate story with many great twists and turns woven throughout.
     I’m looking forward to a sequel, which I hope is in the works because of the cliff hanger at the end. A movie is also in development so be sure to check out a copy of the book if you like to read it first.
     I hope that you can also venture away from your favorite genre, and discover a good book in the process.

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