Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Look What Mommy Did! She Moved the Movies

Our basement is divided into two parts: my craft side where I run my home business & the rec side where my son plays. However, I noticed as he is nearing two that he loves putting movies and dvds in the player. He knows how to get them playing, including turning on the tv.
   Now, we have lots of fun toys in the basement so there is plenty to entertain him. And usually he doesn't tend to just sit around and watch the movies. Sometimes he does but sometimes he just puts movies in and out of the player.
   What's a momma to do? I could tell him no, and teach him not to play with it. We do have lots of things around the house that we use this approach for. But movies are just so enticing. Just look at the colorful spines! So.... I moved the movies. No, I didn't pack them. And this pregnant momma didn't want to hoist them anywhere. So I simply moved them to the bookshelf to the right of the TV and turned them so that all of the ends of the movies faced the room. Doesn't look as nice but I'm thinking it'll work. We're not House Beautiful anyways. We're House Lived-In.
   I then arranged his toys on the empty shelves and in front of the drawers he always liked to pull out. Hoping the new arrangement of toys will spur some imaginative play.
   And, oh yeah, I even unplugged the VHS/ DVD player. We can easily plug itnin when we want to watch a movie.

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