Monday, March 21, 2011

I've Been Quilting!!

I posted earlier about my Unfinished Projects Box.

So, ALOT of my unfinished projects weren't even in that box! I had seven,,, SEVEN!,,, quilts that I had started but hadn't finished. Most were started in high school! Yay for 5 years since graduation!! (hmmm, haven't heard anything about a reunion... oh well) So here are my quilts!

Quilt #1
 This is how I left it. It's a small tabletop quilt.
 So, I sandwiched batting between the fabric...
..And experimented with stippling.
Don't look too close, it's not perfect!
 Used my ruler and rotary cutter to even up the batting and backing.
And also cut the binding fabric.
 This is the FIRST quilt that I hand stitched the binding to the back. 
I was so proud of myself!!
 Now I'm ready for the Fourth of July!

Quilt #2
This was supposed to be for my room when I was in college,
Obviously that didn't happen.
I sewed the turquoise and pink designs on my sewing machine.
And hand embroidered the flowers with floss.
And I haven't finished this quilt, but hopefully soon!

Quilt #3
A high school t-shirt quilt!
I'd been keeping all my shirts to make a memory quilt.
On the left: shirts roughly cut out w/ interfacing ironed on
On the right: Shirts nicely cut and stacked
They're going to stay nicely stacked for now.
They take up so much less space than the whole t-shirts!

Quilt #4
 Such a sweet quilt, Pinwheels flying in the wind.
This is how I left it, and I've worked on it randomly over the years.
I finished all the pinwheel squares recently, sewed them together,
and bought fabric to finish it,,, hopefully soon!

Quilt #5
This one still hasn't been touched.
I can't decide whether I want to finish it,
or make it bigger to fit on a queen/king bed.
I just don't know!
It'll be a lot of work to make more of the squares from scratch.

Quilt #6
 This quilt was started a year ago. 
And I got frustrated with it, 
so it went in the unfinished projects box!
But didn't it turn out just adorable!
This is why I was frustrated. /\ /\ /\ /\ /\
The fabric was from a jelly roll,
and the strips didn't sew together straight.
(I had to do ALOT of trimming to make it square)
The back fabric is fun and cordinating.
I pieced together the binding.
And this is the 2nd quilt I hand finished!
(I'm slowly moving to bigger quilts)

Quilt #7
This is one of my favorites, b/c it's so different!
I bought all these 9 Squares at a garage sale.
Unfortunately, almost all of them looked like this.
But, I'm resourceful, and couldn't stand to throw them away.
So I trimmed them to 8 inch squares.
 Here I'm playing around with the placement of the squares.
I got all the squares sewn together.
I had to purchase border and binding fabric.
And they matched perfectly with the style of the quilt!
I'm half tempted to save this quilt for when we have a baby!


  1. Erin- A-mA-ZinG! Those were so cute! I was speechless the talent and hard work that went into to each of those! I loved the hand embroidery that went into the pink and blue quilt. SO much work! And the one with the tiny squares...oh, the time and patience! wow wow wow.
    these were really great!
    I really liked the browns and blue quilt.
    these were beautiful.

  2. You have been busy! I love what you have done with the quilts. I'm thinking we need another sewing/craft afternoon soon!


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