Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Craft Room and Cockrell Mercantile

Life gets busy, and blogging gets lower on my list of things to do...
For instance, we're trying to sell our house, and much of my time has been spent cleaning.
 This is the cleanest my craft room will EVER be!
 It does look very nice and organized doesn't it?
Don't look in the cabinets... they're stuffed with craft supplies!

Where is the fun in a craft room this clean?
I guess the fun is that it'll help sell my house.
And of course I can still craft in my bright and cheery orange room!!
As long as I clean up before a showing!
And this weekend a group of us girls went to Cockrell Mercantile.
It's the cutest place and it's only a couple miles from where I grew up.
I highly recommend that any ladies that live in the area should visit here.
Especially if you like to keep home. (like me!)
There are five buildings to visit. (Photo from their website)
Photo from their website.
 Check out the awesome, old cash register that they use!
And they offered us free tea and coffee,,, so good!
 The Cockrell Annex has some great outdoor pots and decorations.
 Me and my sister! Thanks Megan for planning the girls outing!
 The Cockrell Cottage... I wouldn't mind living in any of these houses!
This is a cool building,,, to bad it's private.

Just a side note: 
They're having a Spring Open house
Music, food and prizes galore!!

I love making my house a home.
And places like Cockrell help make it fun!
Have a wonderful day ladies.


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  1. love this! wow, you have a great craft room! some day :) I'm hoping for at least a craft cabinet/sewing table if/when we get a bigger house. And I loved the shops. how fun! did you find any treasures?


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