Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Peach Tree!!

 We have peaches growing in our backyard!
I'm excited b/c this is the first year it's had fruit on it.
I never knew what kind of fruit tree it was!
Here's the whole awesome tree.
Not much to it right?
I picked them early,,, oh well. :)
These are the only edible things growing in my backyard.
And they taste so wonderful!!
 Thank you God for this homegrown sweetness.
 And here are my doggies!!
Ruger loves to play fetch.
Usually with a tennis ball though.
Ruger's been running around with a peach.
Playing with food. Silly dog. :D
They love to chill out.
Always in that exact spot.
Every day, they lay right there.
Yeah, my dogs keep me company,,,
when hubby's at work.

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