Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Love Food!

I love to try new recipes and cook up old favorites. Throughout my pregnancy I've maintained my very healthy diet and it's good knowing that what I'm putting into my body is helping our baby boy grow big and strong. Here are some of the yummy things I've made in 2012 so far...
 Broiled Tilapia, Kashi 7 Grain Pilaf and Asparagus.
My husband loves this meal!
 Huge hit at a family get-together!
Layers of vanilla pudding, cool whip, Nilla wafers, bananas and caramel syrup.
 I made this recipe off of a dish I had at Zio's Restaurant.
It's pasta, alfredo sauce, wilted spinach, bacon pieces and cubed chicken.
 A super yummy snack! I love fruit and could eat it all day!
Plain yogurt topped with strawberries, blackberries, kiwi and a cherry on top. :)
 Mom gave me a cucumber pickle from her garden.
I'm attempting to make pickles. 
I tried one today (they've only been in the fridge two days...)
and it tastes a little too much like vinegar still...
 Oatmeal every single day! 
I never have to think about what I'll have for breakfast.
Organic oatmeal, flax seed & wheat germ, blueberries and bananas.
 Hubby and I love salads!!
Mine is spinach, strawberries, wheat thins and raspberry walnut vinaigrette.
His is spinach, cheese, crackers and honey mustard dressing.
We're attempting to incorporate some vegan meals into our diet.
I've actually made these for many years. You won't even miss the meat.
Taco Salad!
Instead of meat I use lentils, rice and black beans with homemade taco seasoning.
I like to cook up big batches of all of these ingredients on one day. I put a serving of each in the fridge to use later, and freeze the rest in freezer ziplocks. Lay them flat to freeze and they store wonderfully!

And... we have just over 5 weeks to go until our little guy is due! My husband and I cannot wait! I'm overjoyed with the privilege of being a Mommy. Every moment of being pregnant has been worth it- and wonderful!

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