Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fabric Labels, Burp Cloths and Wet Bags!

 Just look at these beautiful tags hot off the press from France! They were just calling out to me to sew them onto something. They need a home, snug in the hem of blankie!
 There's just something magical about seeing your name in print- looks so professional! I'm hoping to work on my crafts for sale now that I'm no longer working full time. And my baby boy has inspired a whole new line of crafts! Not planning on making many dresses or flower headbands right now (might get into that when I have a baby girl). Now in store are cute appliqued burp cloths, chenille blankets, security blankets and tummy time quilts. :D
My baby brand is Joe & Sallie. And the story behind this name is that I loved the Mandie series when I was a child. And her two friends we Joe and Sallie- so, being an artist I started tagging my paintings and drawings with two birds in the horizon. I named them Joe and Sallie. As I got older, and more into sewing, I appliqued the birds onto my crafts. And now, Joe and Sallie fit a baby line for both boys and girls!
 I even have the care instructions on the back!
These burp cloths are ready for their letter applique!
The left burp cloth is Gerber and I don't like it as much.
From now on I'm going with a brand I found at BuyBuy Baby.
And I'm going with a square corner because it looks cleaner.
 Also, I made a wet bag! And Levi thinks it's super cool!
 It's lined with PUL fabric so we can put soiled clothes and reusable diapers in it.
And I'll leave you with a sweet picture of my Drool Monster!


  1. you do such an amazing job! and everything you do looks so professional. what a handsome boy you have!


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