Sunday, January 13, 2013

Starving Artist Art Sale

I have a huge portfolio of artwork that I would love to get to those that would appreciate it. I don't need them just sitting around. So- they are for sale at an AMAZING price. I am willing to ship but I would have to calculate the cost if needed. Some are small enough to fit in an envelope, some can be rolled into a tube, and some are on canvas. Sizes vary. For friends and family I'd love to meet up around my hometown and will take cash or check. I can also create a bill using Paypal for credit cards. Any questions just let me know! 

$20- Oil on Canvas

 $10- Acrylic on Art Board

 $10- Watercolor on watercolor paper

 $15- Acrylic on Art Board

 $15- Oil on Canvas

 $10- Charcoal on Art Paper

 $10- Charcoal on Art Paper

 $10- Chalk Pastels on Art Paper (UCM)
 $10- Acrylic on Art Board 

 $10- Pen and Ink on Art paper

 $10- Pencil on Brown Paper Roll

 $15- Charcoal on Art Paper

$10- Watercolor on Watercolor Paper

$15- Fabric in Wooden Frame (Includes Frame)

 $10- Oil Paint on Art Paper

$10- Acrylic Paint on Paper Mached Cardstock

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