Thursday, May 16, 2013

Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger? -My Son Loves Books!

Have you ever tickled a tiger? Have you ever poked a penguin? Have you ever nudged a hedgehog?

These are all lines from the book Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger by Betsy E. Snyder. My son loves this cute and colorful touch and feel book. He’s even figuring out how to use his little fingers to turn the pages, and we’ve read it many times. I’m sure there are lots of other moms that can quote a book just from reading it over and over.

My son is only nine months old, so one thing about this book that appeals to him is the fact that it is touch and feel. The tiger has a furry tummy. The walrus has fishing line for whiskers. And the ostrich has fluffy feathers. I feel that these sensory spots on the pages help foster my son’s interest in books. Hopefully, this will turn in to a love of reading as he gets older!

Tuning into my son’s desire to touch every furry patch or Velcro spot, I quickly put on hold all of the "touch and feel” books that the Library owns. Ok, so maybe not ALL of them since there are 93 juvenile “touch and feel” books in the MCPL catalog. Listed below are a few of his favorites.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Board Book by Eric Carle

Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger? by Betsy E. Snyder

Dinosaurs by Ticktock Media

Baby's Very First Touchy-Feely Lift-the-Flap Play Book by Stella Baggott

Usborne Touchy-Feely Cars by Fiona Watt

The library offers books for every stage of your child’s life: durable board books for babies, picture books full of wonderful illustrations, easy chapter books, and everything in between. I look forward to seeing my son grow up and enjoy all of the books the library has to offer!

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