Monday, May 6, 2013

Beth Moore Bible Study- Jesus the One and Only

Beth Moore Bible studies remind me of my college days. That's because in our college group at church us ladies would do these studies together. They were such a blessing. I always looked forward to getting together, watching the videos and having some heartfelt, meaningful conversations.

 So, I dug out this study- Jesus the One and Only. It is one that we didn't do in college. I can't even remember where I got this workbook but it's been sitting on my shelf for over 5 years! Time for a good study- the Lord knows my heart needs this. 
Does anyone else ever get in a rut? I have a pretty consistent quiet time- where I read a little from the Bible and journal my thoughts and prayers to God. But sometimes a good, deep study is what I need. And I'm loving it so far!
See the big box? With the yellow paper on it? Yeah, my library is awesome! They got this for me outside of our library system. It's the videos that go along with the workbook. 
On VHS! But that's ok, because I do have a VHS player.
The only problem with getting the videos from the library? This item is a two week loan. Her study is 11 weeks! Oh well, I shall watch all the videos ahead of time and continue the workbook for the next 11 weeks.

My morning devotion spot- Hot cup of coffee, comfy couch and a napping baby.
Right now we are studying Elisabeth and Mary and their stories of having John and Jesus. So sweet!
Has anyone else ever done a Beth Moore Bible study? The Lord sure has blessed her with the ability to teach women the Word of God. Thank you Beth!

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