Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Homemade Tortillas and a Rainy Day

Today I made some delicious tortilla! Actually, I made a batch Sunday and put a Salmon, rice and spinach mixture in them. My husband loved them! So, this time I made three batches.
I got the recipe from this brand new book: Wraps and Roll-Ups by Dona Z. Meilach.
So simple!
Flour, baking powder, salt, butter and water!
 I made three different styles.
1. Spinach
2. Light wheat (1/2 c.)
3. Wheat
*I also use unbleached all-purpose flour
 I made 6 smaller balls(top right) to use for fish tacos tomorrow. Mmmm!
 After I rolled all the balls I cleaned up my MESS!
This is halfway cleaned up.
I am so thankful for my food processor.
I probably wouldn't make the tortillas if I didn't have one.
It would be very hard to incorporate the butter and water.
 I then set up my assembly line.
Having both my griddle and pan lets me cook three at once.
 Try to work quickly because towards the end my dough balls were getting dried out.
 A pile of warm yumminess!
 8 Wheat, 4 Light Wheat normal, 6 Light Wheat small, 8 Spinach
 I packaged up 12 of the shells with wax paper between 3 layers.
So: 4 shells, paper, 4 shells, paper, 4 shells
So then they would be easy to remove.
 Now on to making something yummy to go in my tortilla shells.
I couldn't do anything with meat b/c it is all in the freezer.
So I decided on a breakfast burrito!
Voila! Spinach, Veggie Breakfast Burrito with Fresh Chives on a Homemade Spinach Tortilla Shell.
And this little guy kept me company the whole time!
 Step 1: Crawl to the door.
 Step 2: Get onto my knees.
 Step 3: Pull myself up.
 Step 4: Realize the door knob is way too high.
Step 5: Beg Mommy to let me go play in the rain.

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