Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No nap for me Mommy!

Hi blogging world. So sorry for the long leave. Mommyhood has kept me very busy and the last thing I want to do at end of the day is be at the computer. (I know myself too well to know ten minutes easily turns into an hour.)
Right now I'm relaxed on the couch with an almost asleep baby in my arms. He's been up since 7 with only a few snoozes in my arms. Sometimes the transfer to the crib wakes him and then he stands up and either smiles like his ten minute snooze was a long two hour nap or he cries.
Not napping today is unusual for him. He naps in the morning. Naps in the afternoon and sometimes even a short one around 5. And I'm very lucky that he sleeps through the night.
And I think today I just might stay on the couch with my boy, cuddle him close and take a nap too. Everything else can wait.

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