Friday, July 5, 2013

Peaches & Potted Plants

We have a peach tree in our backyard!

And a various assortment of potted plants.
It is VERY hard to grow potted plants from seeds.
(At least it is for me)


 At least I remember to water them... most days.


 Mint, green pepper, lettuce and chives


 Here are the gorgeous peaches!

 Unfortunately our dogs love the peaches too!

 Can you see the string in this picture?
The branch is so heavy my husband had to tie it up.

 Not much of a tree!
I'm surprised it had any fruit on it...
... and that it hasn't fallen down.

Beautiful peaches
(and Ruger again!)

But! Unfortunately the bugs loved my peaches too. There were too many bug holes and even a worm in one of the peaches... so I only have one little peach to eat. (I didn't want to risk eating the other ones.) I'm totally heart broken b/c how many people have a peach tree in their backyard? At least here in Missouri)

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