Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Blog Layout for the New Year

My son has found a new way to use these red striped popcorn "bags". He's been walking around the house with these on his hands, and I'm surprised he's wearing the baseball cap too!
My husband and I celebrated the new year at a 1920's themed party. We had fun thrift store shopping for  our outfits. My husband wanted to dress up like an old guy, and he stayed in character the whole night! He was making everyone laugh so hard!
So, with the new year I figured my blog needed some attention. A new look. I bet it's been feeling...well...a little neglected. I've tried to post often, and I have so many ideas for posts... but, I just don't post enough.
So, since everyone always has resolutions for the new year here is one for my blog: I promise to post something new every week.  Maybe I'll even post two times, or three times! But let's not get carried away... Life gets busy right?
I promise to have at least one new post by Monday morning every single week.
I love blogging, I really do, and my stash of pictures and ideas for blog posts is overflowing.
Happy New Year!

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