Sunday, January 19, 2014

Do and Don't... (Things you should and shouldn't do around the house)

I'm always taking pictures. Pictures of my family, my dogs, my food, my crafts... and things that go wrong! And these things are mostly my fault! So, learn from my mistakes. Enjoy!
Don't put your corn cob holders  in the sink with the rest of the dirty dishes and forget about them. Mine got washed down the drain, and then I turned the disposal on. Oops!
 Do cover your bean soup when microwaving. Beans, especially, have a tendency to explode in the microwave.
 It did however result in a nice and clean microwave.
 Don't drop your bowl of oatmeal. It's a big gloppy mess to clean up.
 Do sort through your dried beans. I've found small stones and shriveled up beans.
 Don't wash your dark denim jeans for the first time and accidentally get a white towel in the load too. It just has a touch of blue...
 Do take a picture of your missing snaps Fuzzibunz and submit it for warranty. They sent a brand new one(in a newer design) for free! And I even bought them secondhand!
Don't cry when all the peaches from the tree in your backyard have little worms in them. Such high hopes for my little neighborhood Missouri tree.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. That's awesome that FuzziBunz sent you a new diaper for free. Go them.

    And how sad about your peaches! I got a bunch of peaches two years ago from a friend and most of them had worms in them so I just cut the wormy parts out and used the rest of it. It seemed pretty gross at first but I got over it once I tasted the good portion. I still got a decent amount and they were the sweetest, most delicious peaches I've ever had in my life! I swear I'll never buy them from the store again because those spoiled me so badly. :)


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