Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just a Few Current Topics

  • I was reading a magazine this morning as I ate my breakfast, and it had a chart for best dogs to run with in certain conditions (like long runs, fast runs, cold runs, hot runs...) And  German Shepherds only showed up in the cold running column(of course!). Ugh, I'm not getting out in the cold to run! (You guys can go run around out back to your hearts content. I'll stay here and drink my cocoa.) My doggies will do just fine on our 2 mile walks/jogs during nice warm weather.
  • We have a For Sale By Owner sign in our front yard. So if you are looking for a house in Blue Springs, MO let me know!! It's a beautiful house, but we can't pass up getting a beautiful house in the country. I was raised a country girl. None of this neighborhood stuff for me!
  • It's cold! Feels like winter. But, our bill will be nice this month because we haven't had our air conditioner or furnace running for over a month. Yay for saving money!
  • On that note, my husband and I were making dinner a week ago. And David says "Why don't we do another thirty days of eating what we have?" he looks in our overly full freezer for some food item. Yay! 30 days of kitchen cupboard cooking, again. Our third time? So, we'll go to the store for milk and such, but I get to make meals from what we have, and I know I can do it. Join me if you dare...
  • And do you like the purse picture at the top of this post? I'm having a arts and crafts open house and one like it will be for sale. Tons of super cute things: lanyards, key wristlets, jewelry, photo mats, purses... view some at the My Crafts tab at the top of the page. Email me for more info.
  • My final note: I'm starting a Christian book club for teen girls. Starts Tuesday, November 9th at my house. I've created a new page and the tab is at the top of this page. Check it out, and if you're a teen girl and love to read let me know! I'm so excited about this!
Have a wonderful Halloween weekend and stay safe Trick-or-Treating.

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