Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Cousin Lindsey Marie

To Lindsey, A beautiful, loving woman currently fighting a brain tumor.

        I remember the day back in February when I got a call from my family that Lindsey's brain tumor was back and that they only gave her 3-6 months to live and she's held on! My cousin, my beautiful, sweet, young cousin. I didn't want it to be true. My husband came home to find me in tears. It is hard to deal with bad news, it's made easier by faith in God that some way His plan is better.

I truly want to write more for Lindsey, and I will, but I have to go to work.

Update Friday, November 26, 2010

      The past two nights we have spent time with our family at the Morris house. Wednesday night was very emotional as we gathered around in Lindsey's room singing praise and worship to our Lord and reflecting on how dear Lindsey is to us. Our family is very close and we comforted eachother with love and hugs.
      Thanksgiving night the family was once again at the Morris house and sweet Lindsey woke up and opened her eyes. (She has been sleeping the whole week and hasn't been able to take any food, water or medication.) The whole family was able to say hi to her and we could see her eyes tracking us. Her husband, who is in Japan, was able to video chat with her, even though she said no words back.
     Please continue to keep our family in your prayer, especially her father, mother and younger brother and sister. It is a hard time in our family and we know that it won't be long before she is in Heaven with her heavenly Father.
I love you Lindsey Marie. You are a beautiful sweet woman and you have touched so many lives!

Please check out the blog her mother has been keeping at and be sure to have a box of tissues with you.

And You're closer than our troubles
More present than any danger
More grand than gold and silver
You are God, You are God
And You're the joy of man's desire
And You are Father, Satisfier
And we are stunned with wide eyed wonder
You are God, You are God
You fill our hearts with love and faith
You fight for us, You make us brave
You are God, You are God
You walk with us, You lead us on
Faith, hope and love wakes up with dawn
You are God, You are God
And life flows from God, it flows from God
Sing this truth
And life flows from God, it flows from God
And life flows from God, it flows from God
And life flows from God, it flows from God
"You are God" by Charlie Hall

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